Operation Christmas Child!

I would like to thank God for putting the hearts, minds, and souls of the children around the world on our minds. Without Him none of this would be possible!

Thank you to all the people who donated generously to Operation Christmas Child! Without all the people who donated time, money, items, and their good old-fashioned hard work, our year would not have been as successful as it was. Without the youth, children, and adults doing the packing parties and individual families packing shoeboxes, we would not have reached our goal for 2019 of 300 shoeboxes. We actually had 352 shoeboxes. During collection week as a drop-off center we collected 1831 shoeboxes in all. I thank Constance Sikes for starting this year and Barbara Smith for finishing the year out. I look forward to seeing the new ideas Barbara has for 2020.

James W. John

Operation Christmas Child

Drop-off Leader/Church Relation Team Member