VBS has been cancelled for the week of July 12-16th, but we're hoping to have it later this year, so keep checking back on our website!

Register Your Child for VBS Below

Daily VBS Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information

Daily Drop-Off

Park in the main church parking lot. Wait for a VBS volunteer to come to your vehicle.

If you pre-registered online:

  1. Your child(ren) will have already been assigned a VBS class according to the class they just completed during the school term.  The classes are 3-4 year olds; 5 year olds-Kindergarten; 1-2 grade; 3-4 grade; and 5-6 grade.
  2. The VBS volunteer will get you a number for your vehicle that will match a number given to the child(ren) you brought.  Place this number in your windshield.
  3. A nametag with the child’s name and vehicle number will be placed on each child in your vehicle.
  4. The VBS volunteer will ask a few questions about the health of each child in your vehicle every day. If any signs of sickness are present in a child or adult, everyone in the vehicle will need to return home.  A thermometer will be on hand if it needs to be utilized.
  5. If everyone is healthy, the child(ren) will be led by the VBS volunteer from the vehicle into the church building to start the evening’s activities.

If you did NOT pre-register online:

  1. A VBS volunteer will fill out a form for you with each child’s information.
  2. Your child will then be assigned a class.
  3. Steps b-e will then be followed above.

Daily Pick-Up

  1. Park in the main church parking lot.  Make sure you have the number given to you visible in your windshield. 
  2. VBS volunteers will be outside. When they see the number in your windshield, they will let the teachers know to release that child from the classroom to your vehicle. 
  3. The child(ren) with your number will be led by a VBS volunteer from the classroom to your vehicle.

Extra Sanitary Measures

The health and safety of your child is very important to us!  We are following the current Executive Orders given to the state of Georgia for Daycamps as we hold our VBS.  We will practice extra sanitary measures throughout the evening, as well as be vigilant to our classroom sizes and interaction.  If you have any questions, please contact Lora Stouder at 706-592-4501 or 765-247-9841.

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