HBC Archery

HBC Archery exists for the purpose of introducing archery and advancing the skills to those who participate. Done in a Christ-centered environment, beginner and intermediate archers will learn to safely load, aim and shoot an arrow through the use of instruction, practice, and games. Conducted as a family-friendly, recreational activity, all members of the household are welcomed to participate provided they meet the minimum requirements to be able to safely use a bow and shoot an arrow.

HBC Archery is affiliated and organized under Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA), a national archery association. For insurance purposes, all children between the ages of 8-18 who participate MUST hold S3DA Student Membership. The Student Membership fee is $25 per student, is payable to HBC Archery before or at the beginning of our first meeting, and is to be renewed every year.

HBC Archery is a family-friendly, recreational archery club. In addition to the individual Student Membership fee, a participation fee of $25 is to be paid to HBC Archery per season (Spring & Summer). This fee is per household, and not per person. All household members are encouraged to participate in the instruction and practice of archery. Those outside of the household (i.e., Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, other relatives, family friends, etc.) who are over the age of 18 and want to participate in the club with a student member may do so, but are required to separately pay the $25 participation fee. This participation fee allows for HBC Archery to maintain and purchase equipment.

Main focus for Week One:

  • Getting to know the bow and arrow
  • Learning safety whistle commands
  • Eye dominance

Main focus for Week Two:

  • Working on stance
  • Understanding how to stand
  • Balance

Main focus for Week Three:

  • Understanding how to aim
  • Having the right mindset/focus

Main focus for Week Four:

  • Continue to work on aim and mindset
  • Use games to help with these aspects

Main focus on Week Five:

  • Continue to work on aim and mindset
  • Use games to help with these aspects

Main focus of Week Six:

  • Friendly shoot-off