History of the Church

Hephzibah Baptist Church was established in 1862 in a small village just south of Augusta, Georgia, known as Brothersville, in the midst of the American Civil War. It grew up out of a seedbed planted by the Hephzibah Baptist Association, who sought a location to have a Baptist-sponsored high school. The school opened in 1861 and was called Hephzibah Baptist School. The church met in the chapel of the high school for 26 years. In 1870, Brothersville was incorporated into the State of Georgia as the town of Hephzibah and the high school went on to be simply called Hephzibah High School which is the second oldest high school in Richmond County. In 1888, the church completed construction on a new meeting place near the school, at a cost of $2,700.00 and it was located at the corner of Highway 88 and Brothersville Road where the Hephzibah City Hall building now stands. It served as the church’s primary house of worship for 79 years. In 1967 the church complete construction on a new building directly across the road where the current Hephzibah Baptist Church in located now.

It is noteworthy to mention that the original church building, which was located at the corner of Highway 88 and Brothersville Road still stands to this day. It was sold and moved to its present location on Hephzibah McBean Road, about one mile away, and is listed as one of Georgia’s historic rural churches. Read more and view some beautiful photos on the original church at the web site Historic Rural Churches of Georgia.